Website Management

I'm Steve. I manage websites. I can update your website or social media daily, weekly or monthly. Posts, news, products, the lot.

Keep It Fresh

Regularly updating your website keeps users engaged. Helping convert them from site visitors to customers.

Google Likes It

Google gives preference to sites that are updated regularly, resulting in better search rankings and clicks.

Contract Or PAYG

I can update your site as often as you want; daily, weekly or monthly. For best results, we recommend at least monthly.

For flexibility, I offer outstanding value contracts or pay-as-you-go options.

Contracts get free hosting!

What I Do

  • Content creation, including text and images.
  • Social Media Posts, including linkbacks.
  • Blog/news articles creation and posting.
  • Image and graphics creation.
  • Content updates and additions.
  • Page refreshes- Keep it on-trend & current.
  • Online store product management.

£50/€60 Monthly *

  • One Hour Of Update Time
  • Free Standard Hosting
  • Rollover Up To 3 Months

*£10 up-charge for Pro Hosting

£100/€120 Monthly

  • Three Hours Of Update Time
  • Free Standard Or Pro Hosting
  • Social Media Posts
  • Rollover Up To 3 Months

Enough for a couple of posts, including social media, new store products & updates, or new content or site page.

£200/€240 Monthly

  • Five Hours Of Update Time
  • Free Standard Or Pro Hosting
  • Weekly Social Media Posts
  • Advanced SEO Services
  • Monthly Email Campaign

Perfect for keeping your social media and website fresh and updated, with monthly newsletters to your customer base via email.

Pay As You Go

As part of a pay-as-you-go deal, I will perform any update as required to your site or social media.

Before commencing any work, I will agree on the charge, which must be paid in advance.

I charge £40 / €47 per hour.


Not sure how much time you need but want a better deal and pay as you go? Go for our pre-pay option.

Pay upfront for 10hr blocks, then use the time you need for any website or social media updates.

£350 / €400 per 10hr block.

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